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Our psychologists are accredited to provide professional service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

    What are People Solutions?

        People Solutions includes a staff of three friendly, registered psychologists who are trained to help you navigate the challenges in your life and move forward. We maintain a secular focus and help people from all faiths or from no faith at all.

        We offer sessions for individual counselling, marriage counselling, family counselling, child counselling, career counselling and more.

    What are People Solutions psychology services?

        This is the science of human behaviour, thoughts, feelings, social connections and habits. Our psychology services help people using a broad range of techniques, including motivational strategies, cognitive behavioural therapies, interpersonal therapy, mindfulness-based counselling, stress management and future-focused positive psychology.

    How does someone become a psychologist?

        A four-year full-time course in psychology is the start. This is usually followed by a further two years of postgraduate study in a specialist area and then a period of supervised practice before full registration with the Australian Health Practitioners Registration Authority (AHPRA).

        Some practising psychologists go on to PhD or doctorate degrees. This would then be the equivalent of a minimum of 10 years of full-time study.

        To maintain registration and to be allowed by law to practice, a psychologist has to undergo and record a prescribed amount of continuing professional development each year. This training is audited by AHPRA.

    What is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)?

        Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) originated from the theory of Operant Conditioning but today also includes other psychological theories as well. It is based on the theory of how humans learn behaviour and develop their thoughts, how thoughts and behaviour are maintained, what triggers recall or relapse, how to extinguish unwanted thought and behaviour, and how to build new ones.

        CBT entrenches the idea that we can control our own thoughts and behaviour. Knowing how the brain works enables psychologists to help you learn specific ways to ‘trick it’ so you can stop habitual responses and react in a more positive way.

    What is mindfulness?

        1.) The skill of awareness of thoughts feeling and physical sensations.
        2.) The skill of describing thoughts feeling and physical sensations.
        3.) The skill of being able to work on a task and be conscious of thoughts feeling and physical sensations.
        4.) The skill of being aware of thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations and not judging them or yourself.
        5.) The skill of being aware of your thoughts feeling and physical sensations but not reacting to them automatically.
        The idea of ‘mindfulness’ was originally taken directly from meditation. However, a faster and more efficient way of developing mindfulness might be to figure out what skills we have and what skills need to be developed, then work out some practical ways to develop them.

    What makes People Solutions different?

        The People Solutions practice was set up to offer exceptional psychology and counselling services to people living in the western suburbs.

        We know that clients of psychology and counselling services in the past have not been well served in isolated one-person practices located in spare bedrooms or in small private offices. At People Solutions, we have excellent faculties as you can see in the photos on our Facebook page.

    What can I do while the other person is having their session?

        The Kenmore Village Shopping Centre has an excellent variety of boutique shops and a range of cafes to suit all tastes downstairs from our facilities.

    How do I get to People Solutions?

        Our psychology centre is located on the first floor of the Kenmore Village Shopping Centre on Moggill Road at the Brookfield Road roundabout. You’ll find plenty of parking and even public transportation within close distance. We are located on the first floor in the business suites.

    How does counselling with a People Solutions professional fit with my religious beliefs?

        We counsel from a secular framework, working equally with people of all faiths or none. If your faith helps you understand and address your concerns, we encourage you to draw on your beliefs.

        We encourage you to use the skills you have developed through your own faith, culture, work or through other counselling to describe your issues in your own unique context. We do use evolution to explain human biological reactions to threats.

    What theoretical frameworks do you use at People Solutions?

        The mainstay of our counselling work is CBT. This is the framework that Medicare requires us to use because outcome research has shown it to be cost effective. Introducing mindfulness to CBT can be helpful and we do this through other behavioural-based approaches. Some of these approaches include Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Schema Therapy.

        Our individual counselling programs can be tailored to your individual needs. The treatment program that you get may not be the same as another client and can be developed to meet your needs, drawing on a number of frameworks.

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Rebates and Concession Rates

There is Medicare help for psychology treatments in Australia, so long as treatment is offered by an AHPRA registered psychologist or social worker. This is established under the government’s Better Access to Mental Health Care initiative. The initiative offers financial assistance to people living with mental health issues and allows them to get better access to psychological help at a more affordable price.

To access this rebate you need a physician’s mental health assessment and plan which refers you to a registered psychologist or registered social worker. The chosen psychologist or registered social worker must also provide confidential progress notes to the referring doctor.

If you have been referred to People Solutions by your physician, you are eligible to receive a rebate for up to 10 counselling sessions per calendar year. For information on this type of rebate, look to the Australian Psychological Society’s website.

Your psychologist will provide you with a receipt for you to claim your rebate directly from Medicare.

Private Health Insurance Options

If your health insurance offers psychological coverage, you could be entitled to a rebate. Your psychologist will provide you with a receipt for you to claim your rebate directly from your insurer.

Concession Rates

These are offered to people with one of the three Centrelink Concession Cards. Contact us for more information on rates.

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If you still have questions about People Solutions, please give us a call today.
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