About Us

About Us

About People Solutions in Kenmore

All Psychologists and Counsellors employed at People Solutions are members of APHRA and Australia Psychological Society. All participate in Medicare rebates.

You Matter

You are important to us. That’s why our mission is to give you the tools to turn painful feelings into positive ones.

Our life coaching, counselling and therapy work. They give you immediate skills to create a fulfilling life – no matter your situation. We’ll help you define your individual goals, barriers and plans so you can live a happy, successful life.

What to Expect from Our Services

Our purpose is to listen and to help you find solutions. We offer the tools to deal with your feelings, relationships, behaviours and mindset to lead you towards positive outcomes.

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It Takes Work

Effective therapy and coaching require emotional maturity; this is a skill you can practice and develop. To attain this growth, we propose changes you can make in your emotional management, relationships and thinking process in between sessions.

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

Our practice is based on the science of human behaviour. As such, it is free from religious, political or other affiliations or biases. At People Solutions, we offer practical skills and an understanding of complex behaviour. These principles are based on scientific research and are explained to you in simple, everyday language.

We Measure Our Psychological Services

During our sessions, we measure and graph progress. We discuss changes in your emotional well-being. If there is no change, we can discuss the reasons and solve the unidentified problems.
Our three registered psychologists are experienced with years of practice.

Meet Our Team

photo of Laurie
Dr Laurie Lumsden
BA, MA, PhD, MAPS, Registered Psychologist
Dr Lumsden specialises in psychology and spent many years working in juvenile protection and in remote communities for the NT Administration. He also spent some time in Papua New Guinea working in organisational psychology and completing a master’s degree in applied psychology.

Upon his return to practising psychology in Brisbane, Australia, he worked as a Senior Psychologists and Deputy Director in the Queensland Alcohol and Drug Dependence Service.

Taking his years of experience in both the public and the university sector, Laurie has founded a private counselling service in collaboration with his colleagues.

His therapeutics interests include EAP and workplace counselling, trauma and disaster recovery, couples and family counselling, addictions (including gambling, pornography, alcohol and other drugs), stress management, anxiety, depression, sleep issues, anger management, life transitions (e.g., retirement) and life coaching.
photo of Carolyn
Dr Carolyn Spencer
BA, Dip. Psych., MBA, PhD, MAPS, Registered Psychologist
Caring has always been a priority for Dr Carolyn Spencer. As a prior nursing professional, she found her purpose in the rewarding field of psychology. Her experience has led her to work as a clinician in Queensland Health in Psychiatric Services and in the Fire and Rescue Service.

She received her PhD from Griffith University in Cognition and Project Management to consolidate a dual career path she chose. She has developed and implemented significant programs and projects in both the public and private sector and has taught individual leadership programs in industry, business and personal growth.

Today, Dr Spencer works with individual therapy, corporate consulting and facilitating. Her aim is to make a difference in both organisational environments and in people’s everyday lives.

Dr Spencer’s therapeutic frameworks include project management, organisational change, executive coaching, mentoring, motivational strategies, EAP and trauma management, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) interventions, interpersonal therapy (IPT), Schema therapy, mindfulness-based counselling, stress management and future-focused positive psychology.
photo of Sarah
Dr Sarah Esposo
BA (Hons I), PhD, MAPS, Registered Psychologist
Sarah Esposo has a PhD in organisational psychology from the University of Queensland. She has worked in the corporate financial sector (both public and private) in the areas of performance management, leadership development and team building skills. 

Today, she works with both individual and corporate clients at People Solutions. Dr Esposo specialises in corporate coaching, training, psychometrics and educational psychology issues. Her mission is to help clients deal with management, training and personal issues.

Her therapeutic frameworks include executive coaching, mentoring, psycho-education, motivational strategies, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, mindfulness-based counselling and solution-oriented therapy.

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