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If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your problems, our registered psychologists can provide counselling tools to help you regain control of your life in order to move forward. 


We help people using a broad range of techniques, including motivational strategies, cognitive behavioural therapies, interpersonal therapy, mindfulness-based counselling, stress management and future-focused positive psychology.
life coaching

Life Coaching

We coach and train you to the point where you can confront your worst nightmares (real and imagined) and conquer them. You don’t have to do it by yourself. We can show you some tried and true shortcuts.


Counselling is the general name given to the process of talking with a trained person about an issue that concerns you. It is a process through which a person can explore issues about themselves in a non-threatening and value-neutral context.

With Experience Comes Knowledge

Counselling doesn’t have to be about a crisis or a failure to cope. It can be about developing skills to achieve ambitious goals or to make better choices.

Even so, life can be tough at the best of times. When things go wrong, many people experience crippling depression, outbursts of anger and episodes of anxiety. People can become tormented by their demons – demons of inconsolable loss, relationship-destroying addictions or other relationship breakdowns.

You don’t have to live like this. You can change your life.

We Can Help You Flourish

marriage counseling


All couples face rough patches. Things such as frequent disagreements, differences in values, suspicion or evidence of infidelity and financial pressures can all cause difficulties.
depression counselling

Depression Counselling

Depression is a common mental health condition that affects one million Australians every year. Depression is not something that you need to cope with alone; we can help.
relationship advice


Positive relationships are a key ingredient to a happy life. Our relationships provide us with support, love, comfort and friendship.
child counselling


Children can experience confusion and distress and may benefit from counselling when dealing with issues such as divorce, school transition, grief and developmental difficulties.
mental illness help

Illness Help

Mental health problems can become more severe if left untreated. Early detection and intervention are vital as research confirms that treatment is more effective the sooner it starts.
eating disorders


Eating disorders usually arise as a result of a negative body image. Eating disorders are usually associated with young women, however, men and women of any age can be affected.
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the person you want to be

Become the Person You Want to Be

Our clients are ordinary Australians who are trying to deal with serious problems, challenges and periods of change that ‘common sense’ remedies haven’t helped. We work with you when advice to ‘get over it’ doesn’t work anymore. To us, every client is special.

Many clients are anxious about seeing a psychologist. When people first come to see us, they often feel overwhelmed by their problems.

Our first task is to give you back control and show you that there is a way forward. We use our training to make your counselling experience a positive one. We stand beside you as you work through your problems and help you with tools when you need them.

People Solutions is located in the business suites on the first floor of Kenmore Village. The office is discretely located near similar businesses and the public library.

Our office has a professional feel with a comfortable waiting area and two consulting rooms. There are ample customer parking spots and coffee shops downstairs.
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